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Jan 17, 2022

This episode of The Cake Biz Broadcast is pulled from Thursday Business Bites from our Private Facebook Group at Cake Business School!  Nicole shares her top tips and tricks, plus a FREE PDF workbook you can download to help you set your cake business goals for 2022 & beyond!

Download your FREE workbook here:  Goal Setting Workbook

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Show Notes:

  • Nicole Bendig-Lamb of Snarky Sweet Cake Chick shares her process for your best success in setting your goals
  • The steps include: setting your intention, write it as a goal, re-write it as a SMART Goal, then take DAILY action
  • She also shares her personal story of how these methods helped her quit her day job and go all in on her cake business
  • Download the free PDF here: Goal Setting Workbook‚Äč
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